29 01 2010

Instead of planning, concoct dastardly plots.

Instead of liking, adore wildly.

Instead of watching, plunge in.

Instead of listening, sing along.

Instead of thinking, dream stunning dreams.

Instead of typical, be exceptional.

Instead of dull, be dizzyingly neon.

Instead of quiet, be eloquent and brilliant.

Instead of just another face, be the only face they can see.

Word of the Day

25 01 2010

Empyreal ~ of, like or pertaining to heaven; sublime; skyward.

In the Moment

24 01 2010

As of right now, I am frantically trying to finish three different scholarship applications, one of which involves a 10-page minimum essay on nonviolent protests in the last century and how they are effective/ineffective…. My brain is fried. I am taking a break- a nice, relaxing blogging break and spending some time thinking about nice things, things which aren’t stressful and don’t carry the weight of your entire future and won’t end up with you living under a bridge if they aren’t completed successfully.

Can you FEEL how twitchy I am right now, people?

Anyway. For no other reason than an attempt to get my mental state stabilized, and because I rather liked Katie’s recent post in a similar format to this, I’m listing random things.

Listening to: My best of the Eagles compilation. Ooh, ooh, witch-ay woman… Also my dog snoring in the cutest manner imaginable.

Looking at: A half-finished bowl of totally delish Dreyer’s Vanilla Silk ice cream. Wonderful empty calories!

Smelling: My mom’s star fruit and orange candle, which doesn’t have a very strong scent, sadly. But then candles rarely do. That’s why I’m an incense girl.

Tasting: See the best ice cream ever, above. Mmmm.

Touching: My skin, which is wonderfully moisturized and smooth right now. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but slathering on lotion seems to have even more effect if you do it right out of the shower.

Oh, and as I am getting my hair cut sometime Monday, I have been thinking about what I want to do. I’ve become very bored with it. Dyeing was considered, but I have really been leaning towards bangs. Thoughts?

This is me now… My hair is a lot blonder than it looks in this picture, though. So for the be-banged gals out there, are they a total pain to take care of? Do they make your foreheads break out?

Lovely Links

4 01 2010

I have been out with a really nuclear case of the strep for the New Year and beyond, folks, so in lieu of a proper and, you know, interesting post here are some more links. Enjoy!

  • The ultimate battle royale of snuggie v. slanket!!
  • Monogamy; realistic expectation for a healthy relationship or fighting evolution? Also, god, how stupid is Tiger Woods? It’s like he forgot that he’s got six billion people watching his every move.
  • People have predicted that the world was ending…. well, since it began, really. I do like the idea of little fall out shelters, though. I’m a burrower- I used to design these rad little underground houses as a kid.
  • I love Someone Once Told Me so much. It’s like your street smart best friend, that oddly wise hobo who sits out back of the can returns, and your grandma all rolled into one, plus lovely photography.
  • It really is true. Hair dye = mad confidence.
  • Can’t you just picture a tiny little bacterium- (theoretical) lip wriggling, eyes welling up- floating all alone in a big black nothingness? So sad.
  • Calling all redheads out there; have you ever felt discriminated against? Back when I was, I don’t remember a thing, honestly. I can definitely see it happening, however.
  • Ewww. Seriously. If you support Polanski, just get the fuck off my blog. You’re not wanted here. I can’t believe he is getting away with this. I am considering putting him on my list of people I wish would be assassinated. No, you know what, he’s ON it. Talent does not excuse behavior.
  • Just one little mouse click and you can be a superhero! In quick succession you can: Feed a dog. Save the rainforests. Give a kid a book. Now go be super duper, guys.