Things to Do… On Halloween!

16 10 2009

Right now, I’m anxiously awaiting the 31st of October. My costume is sitting neatly folded in my closet and I’m ticking down the days with bated breath. Think about it; what other day of the year has an atmosphere so delightfully eerie and dark, when freaks are celebrated and an extra appendage or two is a good thing?

  • Catch a pet spider, the bigger and hairier, the better. (Let him go after a day or two, though!)
  • Go to a really old graveyard. Pay attention to unusual names, take rubbings of the headstones, or take a total ’90’s goth-weeping-on-a-tombstone picture for your Myspace.
  • Be the cool house that hands out full candy bars.
  • Conquer a fear. Scared of snakes? Go visit an exotic reptile house. Terrified of heights? Rent a luxurious hotel room on an upper level.
  • Create your own drinking game to play while walking around. For example, everytime you see an eleven year old girl showing more skin than Pamela Anderson, take a shot!
  • Turn all the lights off and watch the scariest movies you can find alone. Sleep with one eye open, if you can at all.
  • If your hair is usually curly, straighten it, and vice versa. Always blonde? Try some temporary brown dye. You’ll feel like a stranger is in your mirror.
  • If your pet is good-natured, let them join in on the fun.

  • Make pumpkins work for you.
  • Carve something to sit on your porch that’s unusual. Watermelons in particular look stunning.
  • Do something kind for a younger one. Take your annoying little cousin to her school’s carnival, give your candy to the neighbor kids, whatever. The holiday has extra magic for them.
  • Embrace an alter ego. Don’t just dress up, become your character; use your imagination, devise an interesting backstory, hell, hand out brochures detailing your adventures.
  • Write everything with a quill pen and deep red ink.

It’s OK to Look…

4 10 2009

… at Cillian Murphy, because weekends are great, but why not make them even better?



Living Life to the Fullest

1 10 2009

As much as we may want to avoid it, we’re all going to be packaged up neatly and put on a shelf by other people. They may see our hair, our outfit, the car we drive or the place we live and categorize us by that. You know how it goes – “Oh, she’s a goth/poor kid/nerd,” or whatever other group they think we are. Yes, this is stupid. Yes, it’s almost always wrong. This doesn’t change the fact that people will continue doing it forever and ever.

But you know, getting put in a group isn’t always bad. It can give people a feeling that you have something in common and lead to new friends, or spark conversations with people you don’t even know. Hell, maybe you are proud of being a hippie, or a bookworm (guilty!), or a biker chick.

Embracing the inevitable categorization or not, that doesn’t make it ok to just sink into the masses and lose our individuality! So here are some do’s and don’ts.

Do: Be what you want. Dress how you want, decorate your home the way you want, and say what you believe. There’s no way to make every one in the world happy, so it’s just a bit ridiculous to spend your whole life trying, right?

Don’t: Be pushy about it. Maybe you believe in karma. That’s all well and good, but if karma is the only thing you ever talk about, that’s not so good. Sharing the things you believe in from big hair to fly fishing is admirable, but don’t let your hobbies become your entire personality.

Do: Make others envy you. I’m not saying go buy a convertible, I’m saying live your life with grace, purpose, and determination. Do things that improve the world, and even if people think your pink hair is weird, they’ll probably be at least a little inspired. You can be the smartest, funnest, coolest person in the world and if you’re still living in your mom’s basement at 45, all the good things go out the window, noticed by no one.

Don’t: Be different just for the sake of it. This never works out; it’s the life equivalent of being that drunk chick at a party who brags that she can outdrink all the guys and then projectile vomits all over the house an hour later. No one is impressed, and no one thinks she’s cool. Acting a certain way just f0r attention is so junior high.

Do: Be prepared to give in once in a while. Let’s say you’ve got a rad look going on that you adore madly, complete with dreads, cat-eye contacts and neon clothing. That’s wonderful, but you may have to tone it down a bit sometimes, say for a job. It doesn’t make you a ‘quitter’ or a hypocrite; it just makes you sensible and realistic. Nothin’ wrong with that.

Don’t: Make certain people uncomfortable. This goes a bit with the one right above. Is it really necessary to shock your old, buttoned-to-the-neck Grammy by telling her that you’ve joined a nudist colony? The general public can suck it up and deal, but I’m sure you can think of times when it’s easier on all parties involved to just stay mute. Consideration never hurt anyone.

Do: Have friends of all types. Don’t feel constricted by others’ ideas of you, or like you have to only hang out with a certain kind of person because they’re ‘your type’. Surround yourself with people who make you happy, and damn the funny looks on other’s faces! It’s your life, not theirs, and in the end it’s you who should be happy.