Things to Do… While Suffering From Insomnia

29 08 2009


There are infuriating nights for all of us when, for no apparent reason, we can’t get to sleep. We toss, turn, flip our pillows over, tie our blankets in knots, then toss and turn again. Sometimes you just can’t find that wonderful dreamland and when that happens, try these things.

  • Brew a warm cup of tea or mix up an icy cold beverage, depending on the temperature of your surroundings.
  • Go read a book for a while. Then go back to bed and imagine what you would do in place of one of the characters.
  • Do something creative. Doodle, paint, sketch, make a collage or macaroni art.
  • Howl at the moon.
  • Take a warm bath. Who says you can’t bathe at night? Light some candles for an extra relaxing atmosphere; just don’t drift off in the tub!
  •  Wake your lover up, too…
  • Go look through old photo albums. Dig out all the old books and boxes and go through them for a great trip down memory lane.
  • Read frivolous fashion magazines and on each page, pick one thing that you would like to own best. Trust me, it’s surprisingly entertaining.
  • Go curl up on the couch with your dog or cat and a fuzzy fluffy blanket.
  • Light a stick of delicious incense.
  • Sit outside for a while, listen to the various night sounds that are so different from those in the daytime.
  • Deep-condition your hair, whiten your teeth, use a face mask- anything that can be done fairly quickly. Pampering yourself is always great.
  • Go to and concoct your own wild ice cream flavors, mad scientist style!
  • Plot some devious pranks to play on your (good-humored) friends.
  • Get up and write a blog entry! 😉

 Sweet dreams, everyone.


Release the Beast

4 08 2009

Every one of us has their own, secret, inner way of viewing themselves. You may think of yourself as a very patient person who enjoys nothing more than helping others, or as a pragmatic realist who sees things more clearly than others do, or as an outgoing social butterfly whom everyone loves- the list goes on and on. Often, these self images are very different from the way we actually act towards and are viewed as by others. Maybe we took to heart something in particular said about us a long time ago, perhaps we are stifling our true personality for fear of the consequences, or are just in denial.

It can be very hard to be true to our real thoughts, and often it’s a much more prudent idea not to be! It’s shocking how often my instincts tell me to say to a friend, “Shut up and deal with it, God, all you ever do is whine about this ridiculous boy who’s just mooching off you!” or things to that effect. If I really listened to my angry, sarcastic, skeptical inner voices I really doubt that my friends would ever speak to me. So the trick we are addressing here is the rare ability to separate your good instincts from the not-so-good, and the real from the fake.

Take a moment and think about how you see yourself. Write it down, if it helps. Take that list and look it over carefully; does friendly really mean pushy, or are you a truly outgoing and caring person? Is shy code for lonely and frightened, or do you know and accept that you are simply a quiet introvert? My list went like this;


Reading back through this, I realize that I tend to dismiss immediately opinions other than my own (realistic, skeptical), that my shyness around new people tends to come off as cool and unfriendly, and that I sometimes support things or ideas that I am really not sure about yet because I view myself as tolerant. I sometimes feel that if I don’t believe in something immediately I’m not being as “openminded” as I am supposed to be, according to my inner version of myself. See? Immediately, things to work on and a new insight into the way my interactions with others work.

Self images are the root of everything we do. It’s important to understand ourselves and take a good long look at everything in order to facilitate a deeper awareness of our desires and our needs. You’re fabulous, amazing, and very important, so take some time to discover yourself- what you find might surprise you. Asking a friend is never a bad idea, either, but do be prepared for brutal honesty when asking how you really come across to others.

Extra credit: Daily Om. Sign up for their daily newsletter. It has a distinct overtone of those hippie guru men who talk about dirty auras, soul beads and animal spirits, but it’s fun nonetheless and it will assuredly make you think.