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24 01 2010

As of right now, I am frantically trying to finish three different scholarship applications, one of which involves a 10-page minimum essay on nonviolent protests in the last century and how they are effective/ineffective…. My brain is fried. I am taking a break- a nice, relaxing blogging break and spending some time thinking about nice things, things which aren’t stressful and don’t carry the weight of your entire future and won’t end up with you living under a bridge if they aren’t completed successfully.

Can you FEEL how twitchy I am right now, people?

Anyway. For no other reason than an attempt to get my mental state stabilized, and because I rather liked Katie’s recent post in a similar format to this, I’m listing random things.

Listening to: My best of the Eagles compilation. Ooh, ooh, witch-ay woman… Also my dog snoring in the cutest manner imaginable.

Looking at: A half-finished bowl of totally delish Dreyer’s Vanilla Silk ice cream. Wonderful empty calories!

Smelling: My mom’s star fruit and orange candle, which doesn’t have a very strong scent, sadly. But then candles rarely do. That’s why I’m an incense girl.

Tasting: See the best ice cream ever, above. Mmmm.

Touching: My skin, which is wonderfully moisturized and smooth right now. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but slathering on lotion seems to have even more effect if you do it right out of the shower.

Oh, and as I am getting my hair cut sometime Monday, I have been thinking about what I want to do. I’ve become very bored with it. Dyeing was considered, but I have really been leaning towards bangs. Thoughts?

This is me now… My hair is a lot blonder than it looks in this picture, though. So for the be-banged gals out there, are they a total pain to take care of? Do they make your foreheads break out?




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24 01 2010

I’ve had bangs for a few years, and I love them. They make me look so much cuter. They can make your forehead break out if you let them get greasy, and I find that if I pin up my bangs and let the skin breathe, it isn’t so much of a problem. I trim my bangs myself. It’s tricky to trim my bangs, but only because I have a little collick that makes them kind stand up so I can’t trim them wet… I’m thinking of dying my hair, too.

26 01 2010

Oh God I don’t know if I could handle that! But I’m sure YOU’RE more then capable 🙂 good on you, much respect!!! X

Oh yum vanilla icecream *licks lips*

I love putting nice moisturizers on my skin. Hehe.

I’m disappointed I can’t see the photo I can only see a square with a red cross in it. I’ll have to come back. I like bangs. I think they instantly add something extra to any hairstyle. I had my hair done on Sunday night (you can’t see my new hair in my photos I just posted that’s my gross old hair) it feels/smells so lush today hehehe.

26 01 2010

Huh that’s weird… it’s working on my browser perfectly?? I’ll have to check it out on the school browser tomorrow lol.

27 01 2010

Mmmm… nom nom…
Methinks you’d look cute with a fringe! It’d suit your face shap fo’ sho’. Do it!

27 01 2010

P.s. my brain feels fried just READING about what you’re doing! GOOD LUCK! and try not to stress too much. easier said than done, I know! but I’m sure you won’t end up living under a bridge! 😀

27 01 2010

Lol… I actually decided against the fringe. I used to have wicked acne until I went on the Pill and I’m just terrified it will come back haha. But my hair is much bouncier now, all healthy and trimmed 🙂 thanks for the luck!

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