New Year’s Resolutions

25 12 2009


So it’s not Christmas yet, but I don’t care. I’m listing my New Year’s resolutions and I’m doing it now! Yeah, yeah, I know 90% of the time they don’t get done… too bad. It’s the spirit of self-improvement, you know? I’m normally a pessimist but I’m indulging in some glass-half-full right now (of delicious chocolate tea, actually) and I’m feeling very determined. It’s the magic of the New Decade, yo!

One- Whip myself into shape. I didn’t realize how lazy I’d been this winter until I hiked up a plateau with some friends a week ago… Not pretty. I hereby pledge to go running with my dog at least 4 days a week.

Two- Make my room into a place I actually think is pretty. Right now it’s an obnoxious lavender, complete with no storage and these really atrocious denim curtains. No thanks. I picture fairy lights around the ceiling, pillows everywhere, a big ass tree or plant of some kind, and rainbow maker crystals in the window.

Rainbow Window Holographic Prism.jpg
Third- Move out. This also entails finding a job, which at this point I think will take a lot of luck… the economy in the place I live is freaking terrible. But it will happen!

Four- Do some more volunteer work. I already volunteer one day a week at Wildlife Images Rehabilitation Center, which is a place that takes in wild animals and cares for them. It’s freaking great, but I’d also like to help at a local pound or vet’s office. You can never do too much, say I.

Five- Learn something new and rad. On my list of possibilities are ballroom dancing, pottery, cake decorating, how to ride a bike (Yes. I don’t know how. I have the balance of a drunken wallaby. Let’s move on), pole dancing, calligraphy, soap making, or knitting.

Six- Be a better person. I’ve done some things this year I am not really proud of and I am starting to get a little bit guilty. So! In 2010, I really want to get back to my personal beliefs and morals a little more.

So what are your New Year’s resolutions? Anything good? It’s the time of new beginnings!

Elf Ahoy!

22 12 2009

Go elf hunting.

Lovely Links

15 12 2009
  • Too gory? Please. Who doesn’t like eating the dismembered remains of delicious gingerbread men??
  • They found a freaking unicorn! Well, no, not really, but still adorable and I want one soooo bad. Why are we not using our mad scientist, 21st century genetic powers on this kind of stuff?
  • Weird yet amazing and architectural shoes; yep, here you go….
  • …and in other shoe-related news, now your feet can disappear! How  amazing are these? I am considering trying to DIY myself a pair.
  • Have you ever eaten, like, a whole carton of ice cream or wolfed down a big-ass chocolate bar and been left in a total sweetness coma? Like you can never imagine wanting anything sweet ever again? This will do that to your brain.
  • Aaaand, to round out the list, totally hilarious yet alternately terrifying movie moments that scarred us all as wee children…. (Site  NSFW)

Waste some time, my darlings! Just tell yourself you’ll use it on Jeopardy at some point.

Color Me Happy

9 12 2009

So the all-mighty Pantone has chosen Turquoise as the color for upcoming 2010, calling it “inviting” and “luminous”. What do you think? 

I have to say, turquoise is beautiful and the calming connotations it comes with are good for these rough times, but I’m a bigger fan of the 2009 color, mimosa.

Not only is the name fun to say in strange fake accents- “mee-moh-sah!”- yellow is a color that is totally underused. Now, turquoise isn’t queen yet- it’s still 2009 for a few more weeks! Don’t let mimosa be forgotten! I plan on wearing my (one and only) yellow shirt tomorrow. Let’s give cheerful summery mimosa one hell of a goodbye salute!

Oh, the Weather Outside is Frightful…

6 12 2009

…but inside, it’s all hot chocolate, roaring fires, eggnog and mistletoe. Christmas is around the corner and there is no better season to bust out your sparkliest, most outrageous looks. No one you know is throwing a holiday bash? Throw one yourself! Nearly everyone gets infected by the seasonal goodwill, and it’s the perfect time for a smashin’ getup. Not to mention, there’s always some damn good munchies around.

The little black dress is a classic for parties. It’s easy, quick, looks great, and is always appropriate. You can go sexy-vixen with some skinny stilettos and a fab red lippie (again, the holidays are the perfect time for trying this!) or go more glam with some eye-catching heels and glittering earrings. There’s really no end at all to what you can do with a LBD…

Or you can go with a trend this year and try a super-sequined dress; it’s pretty much guaranteed all eyes will be on you- things this blinged out are practically visible from space. Nude heels will make your legs seem extra long, and keep the tone of the outfit from being too crazy and busy.

For the more casual get-togethers dark jeans are great- comfy as all get out but not sloppy. Adorable flats are great for those of us who, when tottering about in heels, are known as ‘Public Enemy #1″, or just if your tootsies are feeling a bit sore. A pretty blouse gives you just the right amount of polish.

Embrace your inner peacock and flaunt some silks, satins, pearls, lace, glitter and glam this holiday season!

Oh dear…

5 12 2009

Someone just found my blog by searching, “a giraffe with wings having sex”.

I write about abortion and get, like, 30 hits from totally normal people. But put a picture of a giraffe up and *bam* the furries come out… The internet is so weird.