Dress for Success

12 09 2009

Ever thrown open your closet door and stood there staring blankly, thrown into a whirling morass of boredom and despair? Ever realized that every possible combination of your clothing has been worn over… and over… and over… Well, sometimes regular garments just don’t cut it. Some days you want a little extra in your step, a special sparkle in your eye! To find your way out of the Dull Clothes Doldrums, a fashionista’s equivalent of writer’s block, draw inspiration from something you’ve never used as a model before; even the strangest or most random things can result in fun outfits. Try these inspirations to start out with.

Dress like a mermaid! Sure, you can go Disney style on this one and superglue some shells to your tatas. A more tasteful, still funky, and much less painful option includes fantastical shoes that look carved from coral, a fish-scale skirt, and rich inky-blue sequins. For added fun, carry around a bottle of bubbles and blow them at everyone you see.

Dress like a moon maiden! Delicate bejeweled sandals like moonbeams adorn your feet, sheer chiffon your body, and a glimmering unicorn-lure of silver feathers glints in your hair. Dip your nails into melted pearls and blow kisses with sugary-pink lips to the man in the moon.

Dress like Jane Eyre! Entice your very own deliciously brooding Rochester with a ladylike silk blouse worn over a woolen violet dress. Sensible gray boots cover your (gasp!) ankles, while a locket provides the perfect place for sketches of your forbidden love. Who says skin is the only way to be sexy? Wear this with inordinate amounts of common sense and courage.

Dress like a secret agent! Perhaps carrying around an actual handgun isn’t the best idea, but in head-to-toe sexpot black and an electric yellow tank, you’ll have plenty of kickass attitude without one. Paint your nails intense scarlet, bite your lip provocatively at cute boys or girls everywhere, walk with businesslike speed but with a swing to your hips, and make up scandalous pasts for each person you see.

Futher sources of inspiration: Movie characters. Imaginary friends. Fairy tales. Favorite beverages. Songs. Scents. Types of rocks. Places. Animals that don’t exist. Animals that do exist. Aliens. Local legends. Deep caves. Weather.


Strawberries, Sunsets & Sexiness

10 07 2009

First things first: Happy birthday, Tesla!!

Now, onward. I firmly believe that the colors we surround ourselves with affect our moods and our days. Restauraunts take advantage of this color psychology; they avoid blues and greens, which cause a loss of appetite, because our primitive subconscious associates them with toxins. Prisons have started using pink paint because it has a calming effect- if you’re on a sports team, try painting the locker room of your opponents pink! Not only will they be freaked out and possibly blinded, it’ll give you a subtle advantage.

Obviously there is a subjective twist to the way we individuals view color. Perhaps your favorite dress as a child was bright blue, and so to you, blue signifies comfort and happiness, whereas to someone else, it might remind them of something they are very afraid of, perhaps the ocean. My own favorite color is red, and my pacifier as a kid was bright red, along with about 50% of my clothes. Coincidence? I think not!

So today’s post is all in tribute to the massive power of the color red. It’s a very emotionally stimulating color, and as I mentioned in my Valentine’s Day post, it can actually make men think you’re more attractive (though you’re gorgeous anyway, darlin’!). It brings the eye directly to you. I warn you, though, tread carefully if you’re a wallflower; all the extra attention scarlet clothes garner may not be for you!

Red can be used in all sorts of outfits. You can go glamourous, fun and funky with a voluminous skirt and a fierce tank- don’t forget the false lashes, I advocate the usage of them whenver possible. Flashing scarlet-polished nails is also a great way to work some red into your life.

Scalet Sass

You can use red to put all eyes on you for evening, too. Pair a simple sexy red sheath with sky-high heels and smoky gems, or take the look to daytime with a snuggly cardigan and delicate sandals. Red can go any way you want; it’s a much more versatile color than you would think, but it’s certain to punch up your day, whether you’re kicking up your heels at a cocktail party or just grocery shopping.

Sexy & Sweet

Red also does great things to a super-casual outfit. You favorite old jeans will get a new twist with a funky headscarf, deep red sneakers and bag full of fringe. Try adding red accessories to an otherwise boring look and you’ll be amazed.

Casual Scarlet

Spring Has Sprung!

14 04 2009

Where I live, it’s the time of cherry blossoms, drifting birdsong and adorable blinky-lashed baby deer! Also thunderstorms and sudden rain that comes from no where, but let’s focus on the higher temperatures, which allow lots of fashions that winter weather prohibits! I recommend, in no particular order, edible pops of color, floaty layers of chiffon and scarves, gently flushed cheeks, and some flashy cute shoes. Think fresh! Airy! Breezy! Clouds scudding across a creamy blue sky! Fluffy bunnies and kittens! The aroma of abundant blooms in the wind! Rushing gurgling streams! Everything wonderfully refreshed that the season of new beginnings has to offer…

Jimmy Choo sandals, modcloth.com ring, Alexis Bittar earrings, madaboochoo.com.au dress, Forever 21 nailpolish

Beautiful cool browns and silky textures to catch the sun. Wear with mango nails , braided hair and the scent of mint on your pulse points.

Miu Miu dress, 3.1 Phillip Lim sequin vest, Zales earrings, Botkier for Target bag, H&M shoes, extasia.com bracelet, bys.com.au nail polish

Miu Miu dress, 3.1 Phillip Lim sequin vest, Zales earrings, Botkier for Target bag, H&M shoes, extasia.com bracelet, bys.com.au nail polish

Effortlessly adorable ruffles, rich raspberry feet, eye-catching glitz and glimmer shining from your nails, ears, body. Eat with cotton candy for maximum effect. Also; tailor made for redheads.

Giuseppi Zanotti sandals, vivre.com top, Wet Seal jeans, Balenciaga bag, Stephen Collins belt, bys.com.au nail polish

Giuseppi Zanotti sandals, vivre.com top, Wet Seal jeans, Balenciaga bag, Stephen Collins belt, bys.com.au nail polish

Shades of the tropics contrast nicely with crisp white. Nails gleam with golden-peachy polish and your shoes double as jewelery. Make sure to beam brightly at everyone you meet; with clothes this exuberant, you’ll be a true spring breath of fresh air.

Chloé heels, Cathy Waterman pearls, Paige Denim cloche hat, Charlotte Russe dress, ae.com socks, Nordstrom.com lashes, OPI nail polish

Chloé heels, Cathy Waterman pearls, Paige Denim cloche hat, Charlotte Russe dress, ae.com socks, Nordstrom.com lashes, OPI nail polish

Mismatched, touchable textures play off each other, and muted colors soothe the eye. Warm pink tips add interest and feathers bob coyly from the head. Perfect for a girl with a flapper-style bob; more perfect if she smokes her cigarettes from a long holder.

Make every spring day a new day. Explore new things, enjoy the burgeoning life outdoors, and don’t forget to roll with life as it comes. Spring’s unpredictable weather patterns are great reminders to do this!

Wear This.

5 03 2009

Wandering idly through the vast internet on my lunch break, I came across the online dress shop Courtesian Boutique. While the prices are in British pounds, it has a wide selection of really lovely dresses that could work for bridesmaids, prom goers, maybe even a very modern wedding.

Also: Check this dress. Cute, nothing super original but with some nice tulle layers… But the name is what blows this gown out of the water.

Bossy Knickers!

Yes, you heard me. This is the Bossy Knickers dress:

Hee hee. I would wear this with no panties, just to be a smart ass.

Things To Do… If You’re Single on Valentine’s Day

14 02 2009

 Go out and buy some of the steamiest lingerie you can find, complete with whatever you love best- wild animal print, sweet ruffles and lace, or some saucy vinyl pieces. Wear it, and your smile will have a little extra.

 Dress up for the occasion. Paint a glittery pink heart on your cheek, wear fluttery false lashes, slip into your favorite jeans.

 Paint your tips and toes heart-stopping candy-apple red. (I did this today!) Flash them at everyone you see.

 Call someone near and dear to your heart, mother/sister/best friend, and tell them how much they mean to you.

 Spend the day doing something just for you. Begin a quilt, go to the zoo, ride up and down the mall escalators, paint something lovely. Anything that makes you happy, do it with gusto.

 Finish your fantastic day with a luxurious bubble bath and your favorite foods.  Being single only means that you haven’t met the love of your life yet, and therefore have more opportunity to flirt shamelessly with any and all who cross your path!

Nerd tidbit: Wearing red makes men automatically think you’re more attractive. Hmmm…

Gold is My Power Color

14 01 2009

Awards shows are guilty, snarky, gasp-filled fun. Admit it. You watch with bated breath, taking in every tiny detail on the outfits of the stars. (If you don’t, you should. These people have major money and sometimes come up with some pretty original combinations.) I did sit down to watch most of the Golden Globes the other night and there were definitiely some togs from both ends of the spectrum, good and bad.

Most of us will probably never make it onto a red carpet, unfortunately, although we’re still fabulous. But engage your imagination; what would you wear to the Golden Globes, the Oscars, a premiere? Go all out- you’re a rock star, baby! Shock everyone and and give the finger to the worst dressed lists! I did a little polyvoring and came up with a few outfits I would wear so hard on the red carpet!

Rich blue, strange origami napkin belts, and some ferocious foot bling? Yes, please! Pair with tasty strawberry nails and some intimidating lion’s head earrings. (Miu Miu Swarovski heels, vivre.com earrings, goddiva.co.uk dress, Chanel polish)

I have a feeling this apple-green silk dress would be flattering on almost anyone, and those earrings are to die-for.  A bit of classy, delicate quirkiness. Wear with luscious peachy makeup and a sly Mona Lisa smile. (Alexander McQueen dress, Max and Chloe necklace, NARS nailpolish, Rene Caovilla heels, Betsey Johnson earrings)

The LBD with a twist- with badass boots from the future and chainmail, this reminds me of what a couture Viking chick would wear. Sexy gunmetal nails and earrings like a mermaid’s eggs complete the look! How often do you see knee-high boots at a formal awards show? Not nearly often enough! (Balmain dress, Avon Lexi ring, net-a-porter.com boots, Milly pearl earrings, Chanel polish)

Making a House a Home

6 11 2008
Beautiful juicy green!

Beautiful juicy green!

Sometimes my bedroom is perfectly arranged, everything in place, the rug vacuumed one way and the windows thoroughly Windexed. This is about three times a year, after which things exponentially deteriorate into a feral cave. But on those days when I can leave my door open without shame and when my closet is color-coded, my room is much nicer. It feels more calming, and is much more attractive.

So what to do with a room that’s dull and dreary? Spice it up, of course!


– Paint the walls a color that speaks to you and makes you happy. I believe that color is therapeutic, so choose a shade that you can stand to look at constantly and is soothing to your eyes. If that color is a vivid scarlet, go for it. If it’s simple white, go for it! It’s your room and it should carry your personality.

– Bring in elements of what you love. Whether this involves dedicating half the wall to your collection of porcelain dolls or just picking out a delightful marshmallowy comforter to snuggle with, take time to think about things you enjoy and like to be around and incorporate them.

– Embrace unorthodox décor. One of my friends screwed bolts into her wall and hung a hammock; it’s the only place she sleeps, and she loves it madly. My own dream is to paint a mural on all my walls and ceiling with streaks of glitter all over it. Things that you won’t see in a magazine can still work beautifully and uniquely.


-Avoid things that are going to annoy you after a few days. Don’t haul in five palm trees in a bid for a jungle-like atmosphere if you know the daily watering just isn’t going to happen. Similarly, avoid five-inch shag carpeting if the upkeep is impossible.

-Be practical, to a point. Sweeping acres of space can be mod and sleek, but if you have no place to keep the things you use every day, it’s no good. I keep a bedside table, even though it doesn’t quite flow with my room, because I need somewhere to put my incense burner, books, alarm clock, etc. You have to be able to get to your necessities without digging through your closet.

– Above all, think carefully about drastic changes. Make sure you love it before spending the money on new paint/curtains/chairs/whatever.

– Don’t get hung up on cleaning, if you’re naturally a bit messy. I don’t advocate dirt, but clutter can be cozy. The Victorians would have been aghast at a room without knick-knacks everywhere; they viewed them as an extension of personality.

Things I recommend: Rich vanilla air fresheners. Stringing twinkle lights on everything. Scattering beanbag chairs all about. Setting books you love on a shelf in place of honor. Lots of pictures of friends and loved ones. A bed for your pet. Piling mattresses to boost your bed up high. Intricate oriental-style carpets. Dangling things from the ceiling. A vase full of fresh flowers. Strange antique doorknobs.