Words Aren’t Enough…

21 03 2009

At the risk of sounding like a valley girl: Oh my gaaawwwwwd!! Oh my gawd oh my gawd!

Feast your eyes.

Feast your eyes.

This brilliant, brilliant woman has somehow combined two of my most favorite things in life, the resplendent plumage of peacocks and the adorableness of pugs. From now on, all my fantasies and daydreams shall include a shimmery iridescent pugcock romping by my side through fields of edible buttercups while opal-colored swams sail through the crystal blue waters. This has honestly made my day, and although I generally find stuffed/fake animals very creepy I would keep these little darlings near me at all times. The craftmanship looks wonderful, too. Check out her galleries as well for more eye sugar.


14 03 2009

I’m sure everyone out there knows the situation with Rihanna and Chris Brown. If you don’t, go do a little googling and you’ll be quickly enlightened as to the sad, sad situation.

Now that you know what’s going on, read this and this. Yeah, it’s true, I can verify it- people at my school have said similar things. I heard one prostitot freshman girl say perkily, “Maybe it was foreplay!” No, honey, no it wasn’t. Another girl said, “It’s her fault, if you know something’s gonna piss a guy off don’t do it.”

Fan-tastic relationship advice, no? I want to say that if you’re so damned stupid that you think relationship abuse is ok you deserve it because god forbid you manage to live long enough to pass on your defective genes. I won’t say that because obviously some people (men get abused, too) are simply terrified and don’t know their options. This whole entire situation and the public’s outlook on it is deplorable. People, stand up for yourselves. It’s not that hard to flip open a phone book and call a hotline, crash with a friend, buy yourself some pepper spray. Obviously if you are genuinely afraid for your life then you’ll need the police. I say that if we think, even for a second, that Rihanna ‘deserved’ it or that she must have ‘provoked’ Chris, we are as guilty as if we’d slapped her ourselves. Don’t nod vaguely and make noises at people who are supporting abuse in anyway; that makes you an accomplice. If you’re mad at someone, use a little grey matter and tell them, don’t hit them. No one, ever, ever, deserves to have the person they love or like hurt them, physically or otherwise. That is unforgivable.

Wear This.

5 03 2009

Wandering idly through the vast internet on my lunch break, I came across the online dress shop Courtesian Boutique. While the prices are in British pounds, it has a wide selection of really lovely dresses that could work for bridesmaids, prom goers, maybe even a very modern wedding.

Also: Check this dress. Cute, nothing super original but with some nice tulle layers… But the name is what blows this gown out of the water.

Bossy Knickers!

Yes, you heard me. This is the Bossy Knickers dress:

Hee hee. I would wear this with no panties, just to be a smart ass.