Creatures of Fantasy

30 07 2009

It sounds rather trite, but sometimes the things that we dream up inside our own skulls aren’t half as incredible as the real life things that exist on our wonderful, wonderful planet. Nature has provided plenty of fairy-tale beasts to inspire us, and in honor of that, here is one of my favorites, an awe inspiring denizen of the deep that very little is known about.


The narwhal is sometimes called ‘the unicorn of the sea’ for obvious reasons. These whales usually travel in pods of about 20 or 30, but gatherings of up to 100 have been reported! Only the males grow their amazing spiraling horns, which are actually teeth, and no one is sure what purpose they serve. The horn of the horse-like unicorn we’re all more familiar with was once thought to nullify poisons, and I like to imagine that these aquatic guardians roam our oceans and purify them in much the same way.


Things to Do When You’re Camping

20 07 2009

Civilization is a wonderful thing. We’re lucky to live in a time where we get food delivered to our doors, can talk instantly with people oceans away, and entertainment of a thousand types at our fingertips. Sometimes it gets to be a little much, though. If you’re feeling stressed, run down, a little done with the frantic pace of life, there is no better remedy in the world than lying in the sun with nothing in your ears but wind and the soft rustle of grass, away from it all. For maximum camping enjoyment, try these things I’ve learned through trial and error over many camping trips.

– Bring friends. Don’t bring too many, though; three or four of your closest buds provide company without irritation.

– Go somewhere absolutely beautiful. I prefer to camp beside a river or lake, ideally, but some of you may find the southwestern desert scenery more to your liking. Just make sure you lose your breath every time you look outside.

– Don’t sacrifice style. Yes, some of the appeal of camping is in letting yourself go and getting grimy. However, you will feel better if you are wearing a cute pair of shorts and jaunty hat instead of ragged sweats and a big T-shirt.

– Take lots and lots of ridiculous photos. Go digital or use old school disposables, either way, just make sure to go crazy with it. Suggested photo ops include silly faces, the tops of mountains, among wild flowers, or in the branches of a tree.

– Be prepared. Everyone likes different levels of creature comforts. You may not survive in your tent without an inflatable mattress, or you might prefer a simple sleeping bag on the ground. No matter your hardiness, I advise always bringing a tarp, duct tape, bug spray, sunscreen, a big fluffy pillow and a radio.

– Star gaze. You can go full throttle and buy a book to educate yourself on the various heavenly bodies, or you can just lay back and indulge in wonder. The night sky is full of glitter that just can’t be seen in the city.

– Bring good food. Yes, you’ll have to haul around a cooler, but believe me, nothing stimulates the appetite like a day outdoors. Go wild; make quesadillas, grill up some hamburgers, make a bacon and egg stir fry for breakfast, even bake some cookies.

– Go stone collecting. Wander the riverbank or nearby fields and pay close attention to where your feet go. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to find pretty rocks almost anywhere- rose quartz, apple jade, mirror-like mica- it’s everywhere and it’s gorgeous.

– Relax! This is last on the list but first in my heart. I’m about to go hippie on your asses, so get ready; commune with nature. Listen to the river, the wind, the leaves whispering, the birds calling, and ignore your cell phone and the nagging little voices in your head that panic over the ‘real world’.

Focus on the Now

11 07 2009

Sometimes I feel like I’m wasting my life, like it’s all going by too fast and for no purpose (I know, I know, melodramatic). This is patently ridiculous- I’m not yet seventeen, and if I look at my life objectively, I know that I’m doing pretty all right and contributing my fair share to improving our world. I believe that this ennui is just a result of being an itty bitty human in our great big world, floating in the sea of problems.

The doldrums are no place to live your life, though, at any age! Sometimes it takes a reminder to discover anew that our lives are generally not as bad as we think. Just take a big breath of beautiful air, pet your dog, significant other or best friend, and take a moment to count off all the wicked awesome parts of your life happening right now this instant. Realize that you are fabulous and you are making this world better with every step you take, even if they are small.

Strawberries, Sunsets & Sexiness

10 07 2009

First things first: Happy birthday, Tesla!!

Now, onward. I firmly believe that the colors we surround ourselves with affect our moods and our days. Restauraunts take advantage of this color psychology; they avoid blues and greens, which cause a loss of appetite, because our primitive subconscious associates them with toxins. Prisons have started using pink paint because it has a calming effect- if you’re on a sports team, try painting the locker room of your opponents pink! Not only will they be freaked out and possibly blinded, it’ll give you a subtle advantage.

Obviously there is a subjective twist to the way we individuals view color. Perhaps your favorite dress as a child was bright blue, and so to you, blue signifies comfort and happiness, whereas to someone else, it might remind them of something they are very afraid of, perhaps the ocean. My own favorite color is red, and my pacifier as a kid was bright red, along with about 50% of my clothes. Coincidence? I think not!

So today’s post is all in tribute to the massive power of the color red. It’s a very emotionally stimulating color, and as I mentioned in my Valentine’s Day post, it can actually make men think you’re more attractive (though you’re gorgeous anyway, darlin’!). It brings the eye directly to you. I warn you, though, tread carefully if you’re a wallflower; all the extra attention scarlet clothes garner may not be for you!

Red can be used in all sorts of outfits. You can go glamourous, fun and funky with a voluminous skirt and a fierce tank- don’t forget the false lashes, I advocate the usage of them whenver possible. Flashing scarlet-polished nails is also a great way to work some red into your life.

Scalet Sass

You can use red to put all eyes on you for evening, too. Pair a simple sexy red sheath with sky-high heels and smoky gems, or take the look to daytime with a snuggly cardigan and delicate sandals. Red can go any way you want; it’s a much more versatile color than you would think, but it’s certain to punch up your day, whether you’re kicking up your heels at a cocktail party or just grocery shopping.

Sexy & Sweet

Red also does great things to a super-casual outfit. You favorite old jeans will get a new twist with a funky headscarf, deep red sneakers and bag full of fringe. Try adding red accessories to an otherwise boring look and you’ll be amazed.

Casual Scarlet