29 01 2010

Instead of planning, concoct dastardly plots.

Instead of liking, adore wildly.

Instead of watching, plunge in.

Instead of listening, sing along.

Instead of thinking, dream stunning dreams.

Instead of typical, be exceptional.

Instead of dull, be dizzyingly neon.

Instead of quiet, be eloquent and brilliant.

Instead of just another face, be the only face they can see.




5 responses

1 02 2010

What delightfully inspiring words!
I wish I could be “eloquent and brilliant”! In reality I am “impulsive and annoying” LOL. But i can try 😀
I like the idea of concocting dastardly plots 🙂
*insert evil laughter*

2 02 2010

Have you been reading my mind? Have you? I was just thinking about that 😀

3 02 2010

I like this a lot 🙂 dizzyingly neon hehehe! x

3 02 2010

i want to make the last one come true.

11 02 2010
miss morgan

Um, I love this. Here’s to stunning dreams and eloquent upgrades.

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