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4 01 2010

I have been out with a really nuclear case of the strep for the New Year and beyond, folks, so in lieu of a proper and, you know, interesting post here are some more links. Enjoy!

  • The ultimate battle royale of snuggie v. slanket!!
  • Monogamy; realistic expectation for a healthy relationship or fighting evolution? Also, god, how stupid is Tiger Woods? It’s like he forgot that he’s got six billion people watching his every move.
  • People have predicted that the world was ending…. well, since it began, really. I do like the idea of little fall out shelters, though. I’m a burrower- I used to design these rad little underground houses as a kid.
  • I love Someone Once Told Me so much. It’s like your street smart best friend, that oddly wise hobo who sits out back of the can returns, and your grandma all rolled into one, plus lovely photography.
  • It really is true. Hair dye = mad confidence.
  • Can’t you just picture a tiny little bacterium- (theoretical) lip wriggling, eyes welling up- floating all alone in a big black nothingness? So sad.
  • Calling all redheads out there; have you ever felt discriminated against? Back when I was, I don’t remember a thing, honestly. I can definitely see it happening, however.
  • Ewww. Seriously. If you support Polanski, just get the fuck off my blog. You’re not wanted here. I can’t believe he is getting away with this. I am considering putting him on my list of people I wish would be assassinated. No, you know what, he’s ON it. Talent does not excuse behavior.
  • Just one little mouse click and you can be a superhero! In quick succession you can: Feed a dog. Save the rainforests. Give a kid a book. Now go be super duper, guys.



8 responses

5 01 2010

Excellent reading:) HAPPY NEW YEAR <- if I haven't said this to you already. I hope you get everything you dream of xo

5 01 2010

Oh, i forget to translate!Im bad at it too! 🙂 But it was quite easy but its not that easy to explain but im will try my best! First, you put your hair in a loose ball and then take the ball and bend it down and press it into the hair, like under the twist.. Get it? Im really sorry for my english spelling but i hope you understand! Otherwise, its just to try and try until you get it right. Many hugs!

7 01 2010

Your first link is funny although I prefered the snuggie, its cheaper 😛

Much love and Happy New year 🙂

16 01 2010

hehe. Snuggies are just a dressing gown put on backwards! I’ve never understood them.
Interesting blog you have here! I follow Katie’s blog, and saw yr comment, and thought “please feed the bears” sounded fun 🙂
Oh yes, hair dye is the shiz! i haven’t lived without it since i was 14! sad but true.
The Roman Polanski thing is extremely disturbing if it’s true 😦 I didn’t know anything about that until now. Yuk.
On a lighter note, I likes your blog!

16 01 2010

Oh, hair dye is addicting for sure… Glad you like my blog! 🙂

19 01 2010
Joanne Faith

Super links. 😀 I love Someone Once Told me, that’s awesome. & I definitely do not support Polanski.

20 01 2010
Tegan McRae

Uhg. Polanski is disgusting. Thank you for saying it.

21 01 2010

I can’t believe more people AREN’T saying it… lol. *shakes head* This crazy world…

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