Playing Miss Manners…

7 11 2008

After a scant 16 years on this earth, I’ve come to the dismal conclusion that there are just not enough manners to go around. Admittedly, I have been part of the problem on occasion, though I struggle daily with my natural insensitivity. That’s my cross to bear. But now I call for a return of the daily courtesies that make life run smoothly and everyone feeling the love!

Shouldn’t you shake hands or at least smile and look pleased when meeting someone new, rather than grunting/shrugging/lifting a brow? And does it really kill you to chew with your mouth closed- does your food need air? When driving with people in your car, please refrain from screaming around corners at eye-watering speeds. Say please, thank you, and I appreciate you. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes for a moment, you may very well be taken aback.

That’s my resolution for the next month; work on my manners and my friendliness. Brightening someone else’s day always brightens mine too.