Fingertips Across My Skin

22 02 2009

After nearly a month of dark vampy nails (cobalt blue, chocolate, forest green) having my nails light is definitely a big change for me. Tonight I’m going to a black-light dance with some friends so I  did my tips white and man, I am loving the mod look.


Please excuse the poor picture quality, my dad has our camera at the moment. I used N.Y.C. polish in 134A French White Tip over a base coat of Sally Hansen Max Growth Plus Base+Top Coat (which, by the way, has done wonders for my slow-growing nails). This color is obviously intended for a traditional French manicure but it provides such a clean, pure white that somehow doesn’t look chalky.

Try your nails white to add an unexpected pop. Wear them with pure white clothing and a tan for that country club look, add a coat of glitter for optimal unicorn luring, or just stare at them on a hot day and drift off into memories of snow.

Things To Do… If You’re Single on Valentine’s Day

14 02 2009

 Go out and buy some of the steamiest lingerie you can find, complete with whatever you love best- wild animal print, sweet ruffles and lace, or some saucy vinyl pieces. Wear it, and your smile will have a little extra.

 Dress up for the occasion. Paint a glittery pink heart on your cheek, wear fluttery false lashes, slip into your favorite jeans.

 Paint your tips and toes heart-stopping candy-apple red. (I did this today!) Flash them at everyone you see.

 Call someone near and dear to your heart, mother/sister/best friend, and tell them how much they mean to you.

 Spend the day doing something just for you. Begin a quilt, go to the zoo, ride up and down the mall escalators, paint something lovely. Anything that makes you happy, do it with gusto.

 Finish your fantastic day with a luxurious bubble bath and your favorite foods.  Being single only means that you haven’t met the love of your life yet, and therefore have more opportunity to flirt shamelessly with any and all who cross your path!

Nerd tidbit: Wearing red makes men automatically think you’re more attractive. Hmmm…

Sweet, Sweet Truth!!

4 02 2009


My love for Stephen King is bigger than the sky.