Lovely Links

15 12 2009
  • Too gory? Please. Who doesn’t like eating the dismembered remains of delicious gingerbread men??
  • They found a freaking unicorn! Well, no, not really, but still adorable and I want one soooo bad. Why are we not using our mad scientist, 21st century genetic powers on this kind of stuff?
  • Weird yet amazing and architectural shoes; yep, here you go….
  • …and in other shoe-related news, now your feet can disappear! How  amazing are these? I am considering trying to DIY myself a pair.
  • Have you ever eaten, like, a whole carton of ice cream or wolfed down a big-ass chocolate bar and been left in a total sweetness coma? Like you can never imagine wanting anything sweet ever again? This will do that to your brain.
  • Aaaand, to round out the list, totally hilarious yet alternately terrifying movie moments that scarred us all as wee children…. (Site  NSFW)

Waste some time, my darlings! Just tell yourself you’ll use it on Jeopardy at some point.

Strawberries, Sunsets & Sexiness

10 07 2009

First things first: Happy birthday, Tesla!!

Now, onward. I firmly believe that the colors we surround ourselves with affect our moods and our days. Restauraunts take advantage of this color psychology; they avoid blues and greens, which cause a loss of appetite, because our primitive subconscious associates them with toxins. Prisons have started using pink paint because it has a calming effect- if you’re on a sports team, try painting the locker room of your opponents pink! Not only will they be freaked out and possibly blinded, it’ll give you a subtle advantage.

Obviously there is a subjective twist to the way we individuals view color. Perhaps your favorite dress as a child was bright blue, and so to you, blue signifies comfort and happiness, whereas to someone else, it might remind them of something they are very afraid of, perhaps the ocean. My own favorite color is red, and my pacifier as a kid was bright red, along with about 50% of my clothes. Coincidence? I think not!

So today’s post is all in tribute to the massive power of the color red. It’s a very emotionally stimulating color, and as I mentioned in my Valentine’s Day post, it can actually make men think you’re more attractive (though you’re gorgeous anyway, darlin’!). It brings the eye directly to you. I warn you, though, tread carefully if you’re a wallflower; all the extra attention scarlet clothes garner may not be for you!

Red can be used in all sorts of outfits. You can go glamourous, fun and funky with a voluminous skirt and a fierce tank- don’t forget the false lashes, I advocate the usage of them whenver possible. Flashing scarlet-polished nails is also a great way to work some red into your life.

Scalet Sass

You can use red to put all eyes on you for evening, too. Pair a simple sexy red sheath with sky-high heels and smoky gems, or take the look to daytime with a snuggly cardigan and delicate sandals. Red can go any way you want; it’s a much more versatile color than you would think, but it’s certain to punch up your day, whether you’re kicking up your heels at a cocktail party or just grocery shopping.

Sexy & Sweet

Red also does great things to a super-casual outfit. You favorite old jeans will get a new twist with a funky headscarf, deep red sneakers and bag full of fringe. Try adding red accessories to an otherwise boring look and you’ll be amazed.

Casual Scarlet