Things to Do When It’s Too Hot to Do Anything

14 07 2008

Right now, it’s hideously hot where I live, getting up to about 100° on average each day, and a few weeks ago it was 110°! I’ve been going through sunscreen like it’s Taco Bell. So really, since my beater Honda’s got no airconditioning, I’m forced to do everything early in the morning or suffer. However, the inimitable Gala Darling recently posted a fantastic list of creative things to do during your summer! It inspired me to create my own list of seasonal activities I find appealing. Maybe I’ll brave the heat a bit more, who knows?

 Set up some sprinklers and, in traditional summer style, go completely mad running through them! 

 Buy some deliciously scented dog shampoo (I’m leaning to Vanilla) and bathe my dog!

 Repaint the walls of my boring room a color I love, probably scarlet red.

 Find a job and smile big at everyone who comes in.

 Take a trip up to the lake, put on a pair of shades, and float on my back for hours.

 Remember all my friends’ birthdays.

 Buy some super-bright flipflops and wear them constantly.

 Pull up at an intersection and blast happy songs so everyone can hear!

 Go wild with my blender and invent some crazy new smoothie flavors.

 Paint my nails sorbet shades- juicy lime, pale glittery pink,  mint green, sky blue.

 Keep all the clocks in my house at exactly the same time.

 Take a day off from everyone and sleep all day with a fan blowing on me and ice tea by my bed.


Gussy Up

14 07 2008

I generally don’t wear anything on my face day-to-day besides a few dots of foundation and maybe mascara, if only because it’s no good sweating all your makeup into a muddy mess while wrestling with your horse or just running around. However, if I’m going somewhere or just have some extra time, I like to play around a little with bright colors, glitter and liquid liner- and though I can’t pull it off, I’m in love with the beautiful makeup of Russian singer Doe Deere! Not to mention her incredibly catchy music, but that’s another story.

She provides over 30 in-depth tutorials for stand out looks like the ones below, from fairly simple to create to three-hour productions.  She’s also an admitted false lash aficionado, which I admit unabashedly to being, though it adds about a half-hour to putting on my face. Yes, I’m clumsy.

Absolutely incredible, no? Another place I like to browse for slightly more wearable but still highly unique makeup looks is Temptalia. This girl posts detailed pictues and gives names and reviews of all the products she uses! Every look I’ve seen her post is polished and very well done.

So that’s my resolution for this week; even if only my mare’s around to appreciate it, I’m going to go a little bit wild with my makeup!

Restauraunt Dress Code?

13 07 2008

Now, it’s a very rare day that I get a chance to eat in any restauraunt, let alone a really classy kind of joint. But this NY Times article poses an interesting question; should dress codes in fine restauraunts be allowed? (Part Two here.)

In my opinion, yes, but only reasonable ones. Guys shouldn’t have to wear suit jackets and ties- as long as they have on slacks of some sort, a nice shirt (not a t-shirt or polo shirt) they oughta be good to go. For girls, the same- no jeans, please! A nice blouse and pants are the rule for females- why should guys have to go the extra mile?

Think of it this way; when you’re eating in a really nice restauraunt, soaking in the atmosphere and delighting in the twenty-five forks arranged beside your plate, do you really want to look over and see a guy wearing a faded T-shirt and scruffy flip-flops? Kinda wrecks the whole experience, yeah?

What’s your opinion?

Puppy Love

13 07 2008

So my dog Happy is really just ridiculous- she must weight 90 lbs., and yet she insists on curling up in my lap, hanging by her fangs off my arm, tackling me like a black belt, and generally behaving like a puppy. (She’s 2- young, but sometimes it gets to be a bit much!) But by god, when she really was still a puppy, she was adorable. Then again, have you ever seen a puppy that wasn’t?

The point is, she’s much too big now to dress up, but when she was still itty-bitty I had about 5 or 6 sweaters for her, and we both loved them. I bought cheap PetSmart clothes, but if you’ve got your own small dog, Pampered Puppy is the place to go! Billing itself as ‘luxury lifestyles for dogs,’ it’s full of informative, useful articles, and reviews of products from doggie bowls and organic shampoos, to formal dresses and handsewn leather collars. All the products are reviewed by the adorable pug Merry, modeling above, and her mom.

Cute, no? Even if you don’t have a dog or aren’t interested in dressing it up, this site is still lots of fun to go browse.


13 07 2008


I’m generally not a fan of typical, cliché scents, but the Demeter Fragrance store has some really wild smells! Some look utterly delicious, like Vanilla Cake Batter, Cinnamon Toast and Green Tea, along with everything in their Sweet Delights collection- luscious! They also have a few pretty off the wall scents- take a whiff of Black Pepper (spicy!), Clean Windows, Crayon, and Fresh Hay.

I wonder if I tried Fresh Hay, would my horse try to bite me more or less? At fairly affordable prices, Demeter could be the perfect place to track down that odd scent you love.