The Perfect Day

31 01 2009

Imagination is a wonderful thing and should be used with relish every day. Here are the rules; anything is possible. Defy gravity and physics. Don’t be afraid to spoil yourself madly. As long as you feel happier, more hopeful and more relaxed after coming out of a daydream, you’re doing it right!

My perfect day goes something like this. I wake up from my silk-sheeted bed and throw open the doors to my closet, which has its own zipcode. After running gleefully through a field of blossoming cherry trees and four-leaf clovers with a chocolate-banana smoothie in my hands, I go for a ride on my beautiful horse Missie, who has somehow sprouted wings! Then it’s off to a hidden lagoon all my own where the water is blue and warm, and jeweled parrots sing in the trees.

I recommend a fantasy every day to keep the doctor away. It keeps your creative side oiled up and keeps stress away. Incidentally, if you’re like me and quote sleep as one of your top-ten ways to spend an hour, investigate lucid dreaming. I’ve managed to do this a time or two and it’s incredibly liberating.

Flaunt your fantasy side! I Brake For Unicorns