Lovely Links

15 12 2009
  • Too gory? Please. Who doesn’t like eating the dismembered remains of delicious gingerbread men??
  • They found a freaking unicorn! Well, no, not really, but still adorable and I want one soooo bad. Why are we not using our mad scientist, 21st century genetic powers on this kind of stuff?
  • Weird yet amazing and architectural shoes; yep, here you go….
  • …and in other shoe-related news, now your feet can disappear! How  amazing are these? I am considering trying to DIY myself a pair.
  • Have you ever eaten, like, a whole carton of ice cream or wolfed down a big-ass chocolate bar and been left in a total sweetness coma? Like you can never imagine wanting anything sweet ever again? This will do that to your brain.
  • Aaaand, to round out the list, totally hilarious yet alternately terrifying movie moments that scarred us all as wee children…. (Site  NSFW)

Waste some time, my darlings! Just tell yourself you’ll use it on Jeopardy at some point.


Color Me Happy

9 12 2009

So the all-mighty Pantone has chosen Turquoise as the color for upcoming 2010, calling it “inviting” and “luminous”. What do you think? 

I have to say, turquoise is beautiful and the calming connotations it comes with are good for these rough times, but I’m a bigger fan of the 2009 color, mimosa.

Not only is the name fun to say in strange fake accents- “mee-moh-sah!”- yellow is a color that is totally underused. Now, turquoise isn’t queen yet- it’s still 2009 for a few more weeks! Don’t let mimosa be forgotten! I plan on wearing my (one and only) yellow shirt tomorrow. Let’s give cheerful summery mimosa one hell of a goodbye salute!


21 06 2009

I love reading the news. It’s an educating and often fun experience, and I have about four good sites bookmarked that I click through every day. However, all too often I run across headlines like this: “Woman Pleads Guily to Dragging Dog With Car”. I didn’t link to the story because in all honesty, I couldn’t read it, it made me heartsick.

I’ve been raised with animals of all types, and I like more of the new animals that I meet than the new people. Even for people who’ve never had any time around a family dog or seen a horse, how can they possibly do the cruel and horrible things that they do? One time in art class, the upperclassman boy I had a raging crush on laughingly related a story about injecting a kitten with gasoline and then lighting it on fire. It was told calmly, as if he were talking about a party the night before or a funny movie he’d seen. Other people, sometimes friends I’ve known for a long time and who have always seemed to be very good people, think nothing of brutally kicking their dog out of the way, teasing and terrifying their cockatiel, small side actions done with no thought.

I have a very hard time understanding this, and frankly, I believe that parents need to take more responsibility in helping children understand that animals feel pain and emotion. When I was about five, I got bored and pulled on our cat’s tail, and believe me, my mom put an end to that pretty quick, and she also explained to me that I was hurting Petunia. It sickens me and worries me that casual cruelty to animals is so rampant, and these actions are fairly minor in the broad scope of things humans do  to our fellow animals.

Yes, I realize that many, many human beings go through unbelievable tribulations every day. This also saddens me deeply. Of course, some cruelties will always be practicd on both animals and people, no matter what we do. But maybe teaching sympathy for the so-called ‘lesser life forms’ would engender sympathy for the so-called ‘higher beings’? I believe that more stringent action is needed. Say something when your friend kicks their dog! Report the person next door who is starving their horses! Please, please do something to stop this disgusting cycle, and teach everyone you can!

Rest in Peace, George Tiller

2 06 2009

(August 8, 1941 – May 31, 2009)

You dedicated your life to helping women who exercised their right to make a choice, and it’s sad that one of those who protested what you did as ‘murder’ had to, in turn, resort to murder. Rest in peace.

There Are Enough Double Standards Out There, Why Create More?

6 05 2009


So Carrie Prejean (the one who made the anti-gay comments), the 2009 Miss California winner, has been discovered to have taken some topless photos a few years back. Of course, there was a rather ridiculous scandal and the pageant community was shocked. Outraged! Horrified! They are as prim and proper as a Victorian nanny, apparently.

Now we all know that pageants have a swimsuit portion… Well, what in the hell do the pageant organizers THINK is being ogled? The future Miss California’s big, bouncing brains? No. They doth protest too much, I think. Topless photos surface, and that’s a big no-no, but stripping down to a string bikini and striding the stage is fine and dandy? That’s exactly what a stripper does. But if a contestant revealed a past career in exotic dancing, I’m betting she’d be out on her ass.

Get real, folks. These women are being judged for their bodies- repeat, THEIR bodies. They can do what they like with them. An organization shouldn’t criticize women for revealing themselves for a camera rather than onstage. If you were the Girl Scouts, then yes, the photos would be inappropriate. You’re not- you’re a contest that requires an itty bitty bikini, so reap what you’ve sown.


14 03 2009

I’m sure everyone out there knows the situation with Rihanna and Chris Brown. If you don’t, go do a little googling and you’ll be quickly enlightened as to the sad, sad situation.

Now that you know what’s going on, read this and this. Yeah, it’s true, I can verify it- people at my school have said similar things. I heard one prostitot freshman girl say perkily, “Maybe it was foreplay!” No, honey, no it wasn’t. Another girl said, “It’s her fault, if you know something’s gonna piss a guy off don’t do it.”

Fan-tastic relationship advice, no? I want to say that if you’re so damned stupid that you think relationship abuse is ok you deserve it because god forbid you manage to live long enough to pass on your defective genes. I won’t say that because obviously some people (men get abused, too) are simply terrified and don’t know their options. This whole entire situation and the public’s outlook on it is deplorable. People, stand up for yourselves. It’s not that hard to flip open a phone book and call a hotline, crash with a friend, buy yourself some pepper spray. Obviously if you are genuinely afraid for your life then you’ll need the police. I say that if we think, even for a second, that Rihanna ‘deserved’ it or that she must have ‘provoked’ Chris, we are as guilty as if we’d slapped her ourselves. Don’t nod vaguely and make noises at people who are supporting abuse in anyway; that makes you an accomplice. If you’re mad at someone, use a little grey matter and tell them, don’t hit them. No one, ever, ever, deserves to have the person they love or like hurt them, physically or otherwise. That is unforgivable.