With Apologies to Mrs. Gibson

22 05 2010

This has not been a good weekend for me.

Committed the ultimate party foul- woke up on some guy’s couch naked in a puddle of my own pee. Yeah, I was incredibly drunk. Yes, I peed like a cat on furniture. Yes, I want to die right now as I type this from sheer humiliation.

I will not be drinking for a while.

Keep in mind I managed to get random-guy-sex-pee-on-a-couch drunk off just plain beer, no hard a was involved, and I am by no means a lightweight for a girl. That’s a lot of beer… So no more drinking for me. We’ll see how it goes… Sneaking out of someone’s house hoping to god they don’t wake up and see your piss stain on their parent’s furniture is not fun. I believe that’s what people refer to as ‘rock bottom’, no?

So how was YOUR weekend, guys?




4 responses

19 06 2010

I suddenly don’t feel so alone in the world.

PS – I love this blog.

29 06 2010

Stumbled across your blog.
You just became my hero.
Get in my womb.

1 07 2010

Lessons… it is all just a great big lesson in this life isn’t it? My guess is that you’ve learned a few on this one… you may want to start with “Depends”… I hear they are good for the pee thing.

2 07 2010

lol. yeah, i debated posting this because i knew you would read it eventually…. but what the heck, i’ve never censored myself around you before so. and yes, i learned a big big lesson 🙂 it seems like I’m always learning lessons everyone else learned years ago, haha, but that’s life right??

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