We Salute You, Flying Tomato

11 03 2010

To-may-to, to-mah-to… no matter how you look at it Shaun White is hot. He fulfills my entire cute-guy list- which, honestly, consists mostly of a cute butt and red hair. I had an awful day which involved watching disgustingly cute 18th century couples kiss on stage (Pride and Prejudice) which thoroughly depressed me, so I am going to shamelessly ogle Shaun White.

Plus… the Double McTwist 1260? Really? Thanks to his signature move this kid has a pretty spicy pickup line all ready to go. I’d double mctwist his…. nevermind.

Winter X Games Athletes




3 responses

21 03 2010

haha! Love this post. Here in Australia, snow is hard to come by, so i really enjoyed watching some of the winter olympics on TV when it was on 🙂 Especially the snowboarding, as I have no sense of balance and would secretly love to be able to do it- plus my little daughter is obsessed with skateboards, and kept hassling me to watch it (she can’t yet tell the difference between skateboarding and snowboarding..she’s only 2 and a bit :)).
I couldn’t help but notice that many of the male snowboarders -no matter what part of the world they came from- all had quite similar features! Kinda thin-ish, with prominent noses and big teeth. Seriously!

I think when a guy is rather talented or skilled at something his sexiness is increased quite substantially, no matter what he looks like.Shaun White is probably not someone I would immediately notice in a crowded room, (but neither are most of the guys i end up falling for in all honesty) but having said that, he looks pretty damn cool in that last photo 🙂

23 03 2010

I don’t even know who this guy is… :-O

I like red hair!

2 04 2010

Love this post and I’m in total agreement. He’s definitely topping my “hot guy list” these days too! 🙂

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