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10 02 2010

So, Gala Darling, that candyfloss-tressed purveyor of all things that glitter, smell good and improve people’s lives, has started a project titled Radical Self Love, to be found here. She asked in her lastest post some questions, and, since I have been delinquent in my blogging and have time to kill, I’m answering them!

What does RADICAL SELF LOVE mean to you? My first thought is dirty. My second involves acceptance and appreciation of all aspects of yourself, using all your potential, and not being afraid to go to work improving aspects that need improvement.

If you were engaging in RADICAL SELF LOVE on a daily basis, what would that look like? Hmm… Ideally I would quit yelling at people who really don’t deserve it to relieve my stress.

What small pieces of that can you bring into your life TODAY? Well, today being nearly over, I am applying this to tomorrow. I’m going to work hard at being more cheerful and less antagonistic, less of a worrier, and more happy. Also, great shoes.

Which qualities or attributes would you like to bring into your own life via the application of RADICAL SELF LOVE? Less stress, more self confidence. Less procrastination, more activity. Less anger, more smiles. Less contained, more present in the moment.

What beliefs do you currently hold that are stifling your regular expression of RADICAL SELF LOVE? You know how most people have a filter between their brain and mouths? I was born without that. It’s a terrible disease, often leading to symptoms causing one to be mistaken for a donkey. My personality is awfully confrontational, and as much as it irritate me, I think a little more thought for other’s feelings/opinions might get rid of some bumps in the road.

Are the people & activities in your life HELPING or HINDERING you in your quest for RADICAL SELF LOVE? Would you be better off without them? Oh boy. Well, luckily most if not all of my friends are positive or at least not negative influences. I don’t feel like I have to be fake around them, which is great (not that I would). Activity wise, I really need to stop being so lazy. I make plans in my head and then when the time comes I’m just… so…. tired….

How can you reflect RADICAL SELF LOVE in the way you speak, the way you dress, the way you decorate your house, the work you do? Speak- I need to quit dumbing down my vocabulary because people snicker. Dress- Again, less laziness. My hair hasn’t been properly styled in weeks because that extra ten minutes of sleep is so delicious. House- well, it’s my parents still. So I am rather stuck there. Work- I already love the volunteer work I do with the heat of a thousand novas. It’s amazing, it’s wonderful, it’s what I eventually want to do with my life. So that’s already radical!

Who could you use as a RADICAL SELF LOVE role model? Jane Goodall, Gandhi and Rue McClanahan all come to mind. 😉




5 responses

11 02 2010

Hmmmmm…some food for though! My first thought was also dirty, and involved a feather boa.
Your answer to question no.4 is pretty much identical to what i would answer in regard to myself!

11 02 2010

D’oh! Some foood for THOUGHT, not THOUGH. *eyeroll* I’m sure you knew what I meant though….

20 02 2010

I still live with my parents (well, mom) too, and whats more is me and my boyfriend live with my mother so my personal space’s been getting smaller and smaller, but I’ve been really playing up my room, finding little things and pictures that are representative of me, make your own little cave =].

alsooo, I don’t know about you, but I always forget how personal computers are! Go nuts with your background, and widgets if you use them, and make an inspiration folder maybe? if you haven’t done so already

21 02 2010

May I just say that your picture on the right is brilliant?

Also, yey, RADICAL SELF-LOVE all around!

22 02 2010

I feel like I’m the only person on the internet who doesn’t read galas page ha I’m going to have to start so I can keep up with everyone elses blogs haha. Nice answers x

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