New Year’s Resolutions

25 12 2009


So it’s not Christmas yet, but I don’t care. I’m listing my New Year’s resolutions and I’m doing it now! Yeah, yeah, I know 90% of the time they don’t get done… too bad. It’s the spirit of self-improvement, you know? I’m normally a pessimist but I’m indulging in some glass-half-full right now (of delicious chocolate tea, actually) and I’m feeling very determined. It’s the magic of the New Decade, yo!

One- Whip myself into shape. I didn’t realize how lazy I’d been this winter until I hiked up a plateau with some friends a week ago… Not pretty. I hereby pledge to go running with my dog at least 4 days a week.

Two- Make my room into a place I actually think is pretty. Right now it’s an obnoxious lavender, complete with no storage and these really atrocious denim curtains. No thanks. I picture fairy lights around the ceiling, pillows everywhere, a big ass tree or plant of some kind, and rainbow maker crystals in the window.

Rainbow Window Holographic Prism.jpg
Third- Move out. This also entails finding a job, which at this point I think will take a lot of luck… the economy in the place I live is freaking terrible. But it will happen!

Four- Do some more volunteer work. I already volunteer one day a week at Wildlife Images Rehabilitation Center, which is a place that takes in wild animals and cares for them. It’s freaking great, but I’d also like to help at a local pound or vet’s office. You can never do too much, say I.

Five- Learn something new and rad. On my list of possibilities are ballroom dancing, pottery, cake decorating, how to ride a bike (Yes. I don’t know how. I have the balance of a drunken wallaby. Let’s move on), pole dancing, calligraphy, soap making, or knitting.

Six- Be a better person. I’ve done some things this year I am not really proud of and I am starting to get a little bit guilty. So! In 2010, I really want to get back to my personal beliefs and morals a little more.

So what are your New Year’s resolutions? Anything good? It’s the time of new beginnings!




5 responses

28 12 2009

Great resolutions! I blogged about mine a few posts back too..

Pole dancing is fun to learn!!! Everything on your list sounds great.

Getting/staying in shape is always one of my resolutions. Weekly X

29 12 2009
Melissa Dominic

Redoing your room will be so much fun! I hope there will be photos of that adventure 😀

3 01 2010

Hi there! I like your new years resolutions.
How was the new year evening for you? Hugs.

4 01 2010

I’m liking your resolutions – especially giving your time to a charitable organisation. & prettifying your space, it’s important for our bedrooms/apartments to reflect who we are or want to be.

4 01 2010

Ehehe, thanks everyone. I can’t wait. Unfortunately I have had a horrible case of the strep so I haven’t got started on anything *yet* but it will happen!!

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