Color Me Happy

9 12 2009

So the all-mighty Pantone has chosen Turquoise as the color for upcoming 2010, calling it “inviting” and “luminous”. What do you think? 

I have to say, turquoise is beautiful and the calming connotations it comes with are good for these rough times, but I’m a bigger fan of the 2009 color, mimosa.

Not only is the name fun to say in strange fake accents- “mee-moh-sah!”- yellow is a color that is totally underused. Now, turquoise isn’t queen yet- it’s still 2009 for a few more weeks! Don’t let mimosa be forgotten! I plan on wearing my (one and only) yellow shirt tomorrow. Let’s give cheerful summery mimosa one hell of a goodbye salute!




3 responses

10 12 2009

I love turquoise!

15 12 2009

Turquoise is always popular in the summer but it’s a fresh new take for spring :3

Hope all is swell,

29 12 2009
Melissa Dominic

turquoise and yellow are actually my two favourite colors! mix them together! pair ’em up! they look lovely!

my room is turquoise and black 😀

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