26 11 2009


Oh yes.

That, my friends, is a giraffe enjoying the delicious tastiness of your computer screen.

That giraffe says, “Go here and draw a giraffe! Help that blog get goin’!”

Note carefully that she does not say, “Goez heer so i can haz frend?!” because giraffes, in addition to high heads, have high I.Qs. Nevertheless, they are afraid of cats, who do speak that way… maybe you should be afraid, too.

funny pictures of cats with captions




4 responses

26 11 2009
The Giraffe Collecter

I have a sneaking suspiction that basement cat may be photoshopped.
I’m trying to install a twenty second timer for the side of the page, but nothing I do works! MUST… FIGURE… OUT…

28 11 2009

Cutest Giraffe EVAR!

29 11 2009

Hahahhahahha! Love it ❤

1 12 2009


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