Playing Favorites

9 11 2009

It’s been a good weekend, folks!! Things that I am currently adoring include;

  • Thick, warm, fuzzy socks.
  • Those freaking adorable little bitty marshmallows in hot chocolate.
  • Being the only person I know who says ‘pop’ rather than soda.
  • Curly intricate drinking straws.
  • Ridiculous and totally ’90’s photo poses.

Charlie's Angel's, yeah baby!

  • Realizing my shoes, which I’ve had for months, say “Love you” on the soles! With a heart and arrow, natch.
  • Managing to resist biting my nails (I know, I’m disgusting).
  • Ice tea. God, it’s so yummy.
  • Twirly voluminous skirts. I have decided I need more.
  • Making plans. I am one of those people who gets a kick out of fillinf our surveys and making lists, graphs, blueprints, hell, even managing my budget.
  • A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
  • Rolling office chairs.
  • Seinfeld reruns. Nothing else makes me laugh so hard.

  • As I write this, I realize I just bit off my pinky nail… Pride goes before a fall, I guess…. Damn!
  • Novelty phones. You know, lips, bananas, whatever.
  • ’80’s movies. My favorites of the moment are the classics: Grease, Grease 2 (I actually like this one more than the original…), Footloose and The Breakfast Club.
  • Being inspired stylistically by ’80’s movies. God, I want leather Sandy pants so bad. And her legs to go with them, haha.
  • Fruit smoothies. Mmmm.
  • Minks. You will never see a cuter animal! We have one where I work, she’s a total doll. She creates havoc everywhere she goes, of course, but still, a little cutie.
  • Seeing a cop’s lights, getting nervous, then realizing he’s not after you.
  • M.M. Kaye’s amazing novels of India and incredible love. Go read The Far Pavilions and you’ll be amazed. Yes, it’s long, I know, but stick it out. I was, in turns, sobbing, laughing, and literally gasping out loud.
  • Turning off the news. I can pick and choose my information online, thank you very much, without getting bombarded with horrible news.
  • Antique shops. I waste hours in them routinely.
  • This.

So what are you guys loving lately? Anything in particular making your day/week/whatever?




10 responses

9 11 2009

If by Sandy pants you mean from Grease, that’d be the 70’s 🙂

9 11 2009

Oh, damn, you’re right, huh. Well, that general time period haha…

9 11 2009

I am also trying to not nom my fingernails off. They are painted bright pink to remind me. Bad times had by all when I eat the nail varnish as well, though.

10 11 2009

I haven’t seen Grease 2, all I know is that it has the actor from Empire Records in it. Which makes me want to see it.

10 11 2009

Empire Records! I love that movie too, haha. It seems like movies are always appreciated more by different generations.

11 11 2009

Fab list! I love voluminous skirts. Don’t they make your legs look slim 😉

Novelty phones ha I need one haha.

I love everything on this list x

19 11 2009

Grease & hot chocolate with tiny marshmallows = awesome!

21 11 2009

if it makes you feel any better, I live in Northeast Ohio and EVERYONE says pop! I rarely hear anyone calling it a soda! Lovely list by the way!

23 11 2009

Haha, the Charlies Angel pose!

Also – I bite my nails too, because they snap constantly and I get frustrated and want to rip them off. ):

25 11 2009
Sarah Yvonne

i make lists all the time && love antique stores. very witty blog!

– Sarah Yvonne

p.s. thanks for visiting me!

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