And the Leg Bone is Connected to the Thigh Bone…

23 09 2009

“I thought long and hard about what I really wanted, what my passion was. And I decided I wanted to be a fucking zombie.”

-Rick, Zombie Boy, June 2008

I just stumbled over this guy’s interview and I gotta say, he totally nails my sense of humor. Even if you’re not a fan of braaaaaaaaains, go read it, seriously, it’s funny and it will actually make you think, too. He’s the perfect example of a person society thinks must be stupid/uneducated/a total delinquent, but then the person says, “Up yours, society,” and spouts off some well thought out, totally cogent and memorable quotes, thereby kicking society’s collective ass and sending them slinking away. Yes, this is probably a little insane* but even if you hate all tattoos, you at least have to admire his dedication. I know I have a little crush..

Extra credit : Gala’s Guide to Getting Great Tattoos Without Regret

* Rick also says, “I sacrificed my whole future for this.” So please, please don’t get even a small tattoo unless you absolutely love it and have thought about it for a long time. If you have, then go for it, baby!




5 responses

23 09 2009

I love tattoos and I love zombies… but it’s really, really hard for me to like his style. I’m totally with you on his personality though – he seems to have a good sense of self.
Bisous xx

23 09 2009

Dammit work wont let me get onto that internet site, access blocked 😦 I’ll have to read it later but I bloody LOVE tattoos and LOVE zombies so I think I’m gonna love this heh heh x

1 10 2009
Melissa Dominic

aww, he’s a lovely!

10 11 2010

I absolutely love this picture.His tattoos are amazing.

27 03 2011

He is sexy under all that ink … I dunno if he’s as sexy with all of it, but it’s just skin afterall.

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