Creatures of Fantasy

30 07 2009

It sounds rather trite, but sometimes the things that we dream up inside our own skulls aren’t half as incredible as the real life things that exist on our wonderful, wonderful planet. Nature has provided plenty of fairy-tale beasts to inspire us, and in honor of that, here is one of my favorites, an awe inspiring denizen of the deep that very little is known about.


The narwhal is sometimes called ‘the unicorn of the sea’ for obvious reasons. These whales usually travel in pods of about 20 or 30, but gatherings of up to 100 have been reported! Only the males grow their amazing spiraling horns, which are actually teeth, and no one is sure what purpose they serve. The horn of the horse-like unicorn we’re all more familiar with was once thought to nullify poisons, and I like to imagine that these aquatic guardians roam our oceans and purify them in much the same way.




4 responses

31 07 2009

That’s really deep. I like meeting kids around my own age with the intellectual depth that you seem to have. It would be nice if something in the ocean was purifying it, considering how things in the world are going.

1 08 2009
melissa dominic

narlwhales are almost as awesome as belugas. almost.

19 08 2009

Ahoy, I love me a seaunicorn. Really, I do love learning of all the cool things we have in the sea – Check out Youtube if you want to see more – I spent a good 15 minutes swooning over strange, wet creatures just the other day.

xxxxxbisous, Ekerplay

7 09 2009

This is the only kind of whale I’m NOT scared of, narwhal’s are lovely : ) (I didn’t know only males grew horns, very interesting!)

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