Things to Do When You’re Camping

20 07 2009

Civilization is a wonderful thing. We’re lucky to live in a time where we get food delivered to our doors, can talk instantly with people oceans away, and entertainment of a thousand types at our fingertips. Sometimes it gets to be a little much, though. If you’re feeling stressed, run down, a little done with the frantic pace of life, there is no better remedy in the world than lying in the sun with nothing in your ears but wind and the soft rustle of grass, away from it all. For maximum camping enjoyment, try these things I’ve learned through trial and error over many camping trips.

– Bring friends. Don’t bring too many, though; three or four of your closest buds provide company without irritation.

– Go somewhere absolutely beautiful. I prefer to camp beside a river or lake, ideally, but some of you may find the southwestern desert scenery more to your liking. Just make sure you lose your breath every time you look outside.

– Don’t sacrifice style. Yes, some of the appeal of camping is in letting yourself go and getting grimy. However, you will feel better if you are wearing a cute pair of shorts and jaunty hat instead of ragged sweats and a big T-shirt.

– Take lots and lots of ridiculous photos. Go digital or use old school disposables, either way, just make sure to go crazy with it. Suggested photo ops include silly faces, the tops of mountains, among wild flowers, or in the branches of a tree.

– Be prepared. Everyone likes different levels of creature comforts. You may not survive in your tent without an inflatable mattress, or you might prefer a simple sleeping bag on the ground. No matter your hardiness, I advise always bringing a tarp, duct tape, bug spray, sunscreen, a big fluffy pillow and a radio.

– Star gaze. You can go full throttle and buy a book to educate yourself on the various heavenly bodies, or you can just lay back and indulge in wonder. The night sky is full of glitter that just can’t be seen in the city.

– Bring good food. Yes, you’ll have to haul around a cooler, but believe me, nothing stimulates the appetite like a day outdoors. Go wild; make quesadillas, grill up some hamburgers, make a bacon and egg stir fry for breakfast, even bake some cookies.

– Go stone collecting. Wander the riverbank or nearby fields and pay close attention to where your feet go. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to find pretty rocks almost anywhere- rose quartz, apple jade, mirror-like mica- it’s everywhere and it’s gorgeous.

– Relax! This is last on the list but first in my heart. I’m about to go hippie on your asses, so get ready; commune with nature. Listen to the river, the wind, the leaves whispering, the birds calling, and ignore your cell phone and the nagging little voices in your head that panic over the ‘real world’.




8 responses

24 07 2009
Kelly Cree

yes! i agree, bring friends, but not too many.

i prefer to just stick with a lover. camping with someone is like living with them.

and its quite difficult to find someone to enjoy living with- even if you are great friends.

the other point i loved was to not sacrifice style! i love the idea of looking hot while camping dirty!

29 07 2009
Nina (Nina on Everything)

Wow this post just took me away to a better place. Fantastic tips!

What are some of your favorite places to camp? I have only camped once next to a lake and I would never do it differently again. Every other time clearly could have used improvement.

29 07 2009

Oh, definitely, by water, hands down. Lakes, rivers, even the ocean. I like to be a little secluded too but close enough to town to make beer runs 😉

6 08 2009
♥ L

When camping, stargazing is utterly divine. It inspires me to write poetry even as I lie on the lumpy tarp covered ground. I could easily live in nature like Henry David Thoreau or Chris McCandless…in fact, I plan on doing just that someday, even if only for a designated time. 4 months, maybe? I wish more people would understand the beauty of camping. Your tips are very true, by the way!

6 08 2009

Oh, god, I know, stargazing just makes your brain go overtime. I’ve always wanted to live out in the wild for a while too. In fact, one of my ultimate goals in life is to own property up in the mountains where I can go away from everything.

12 08 2009

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12 08 2009

Sorry, my website is I mis-typed the link in my first response.

12 08 2009

Oops, I’m so sorry, that clip art leaf has been taken down. My apologies, stupid rushed mistake.

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