Focus on the Now

11 07 2009

Sometimes I feel like I’m wasting my life, like it’s all going by too fast and for no purpose (I know, I know, melodramatic). This is patently ridiculous- I’m not yet seventeen, and if I look at my life objectively, I know that I’m doing pretty all right and contributing my fair share to improving our world. I believe that this ennui is just a result of being an itty bitty human in our great big world, floating in the sea of problems.

The doldrums are no place to live your life, though, at any age! Sometimes it takes a reminder to discover anew that our lives are generally not as bad as we think. Just take a big breath of beautiful air, pet your dog, significant other or best friend, and take a moment to count off all the wicked awesome parts of your life happening right now this instant. Realize that you are fabulous and you are making this world better with every step you take, even if they are small.




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17 07 2009

Very true, and said with such simplicity. I usually ramble on and on about this once a week in my paper journal.

19 08 2009

I know exactly what you mean. I have so many things that I want to do but I have to work to save up etc in the mean time and it feels like I am wasting time just working 9-5 but you have to think of the big picture and where you want to be in the future- aslong as everything we do is a step towards that then no time is ever wasted. Ooh, quote me on that! lol.

22 08 2009

This is so beautiful and Inspiring, I am 25 and I am still trying to find new things, like focusing on my career path and my new awaiting life with my fiance, thanks so much for the post 🙂

much love,


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