Gold is My Power Color

14 01 2009

Awards shows are guilty, snarky, gasp-filled fun. Admit it. You watch with bated breath, taking in every tiny detail on the outfits of the stars. (If you don’t, you should. These people have major money and sometimes come up with some pretty original combinations.) I did sit down to watch most of the Golden Globes the other night and there were definitiely some togs from both ends of the spectrum, good and bad.

Most of us will probably never make it onto a red carpet, unfortunately, although we’re still fabulous. But engage your imagination; what would you wear to the Golden Globes, the Oscars, a premiere? Go all out- you’re a rock star, baby! Shock everyone and and give the finger to the worst dressed lists! I did a little polyvoring and came up with a few outfits I would wear so hard on the red carpet!

Rich blue, strange origami napkin belts, and some ferocious foot bling? Yes, please! Pair with tasty strawberry nails and some intimidating lion’s head earrings. (Miu Miu Swarovski heels, earrings, dress, Chanel polish)

I have a feeling this apple-green silk dress would be flattering on almost anyone, and those earrings are to die-for.  A bit of classy, delicate quirkiness. Wear with luscious peachy makeup and a sly Mona Lisa smile. (Alexander McQueen dress, Max and Chloe necklace, NARS nailpolish, Rene Caovilla heels, Betsey Johnson earrings)

The LBD with a twist- with badass boots from the future and chainmail, this reminds me of what a couture Viking chick would wear. Sexy gunmetal nails and earrings like a mermaid’s eggs complete the look! How often do you see knee-high boots at a formal awards show? Not nearly often enough! (Balmain dress, Avon Lexi ring, boots, Milly pearl earrings, Chanel polish)




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