Restauraunt Dress Code?

13 07 2008

Now, it’s a very rare day that I get a chance to eat in any restauraunt, let alone a really classy kind of joint. But this NY Times article poses an interesting question; should dress codes in fine restauraunts be allowed? (Part Two here.)

In my opinion, yes, but only reasonable ones. Guys shouldn’t have to wear suit jackets and ties- as long as they have on slacks of some sort, a nice shirt (not a t-shirt or polo shirt) they oughta be good to go. For girls, the same- no jeans, please! A nice blouse and pants are the rule for females- why should guys have to go the extra mile?

Think of it this way; when you’re eating in a really nice restauraunt, soaking in the atmosphere and delighting in the twenty-five forks arranged beside your plate, do you really want to look over and see a guy wearing a faded T-shirt and scruffy flip-flops? Kinda wrecks the whole experience, yeah?

What’s your opinion?




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