Puppy Love

13 07 2008

So my dog Happy is really just ridiculous- she must weight 90 lbs., and yet she insists on curling up in my lap, hanging by her fangs off my arm, tackling me like a black belt, and generally behaving like a puppy. (She’s 2- young, but sometimes it gets to be a bit much!) But by god, when she really was still a puppy, she was adorable. Then again, have you ever seen a puppy that wasn’t?

The point is, she’s much too big now to dress up, but when she was still itty-bitty I had about 5 or 6 sweaters for her, and we both loved them. I bought cheap PetSmart clothes, but if you’ve got your own small dog, Pampered Puppy is the place to go! Billing itself as ‘luxury lifestyles for dogs,’ it’s full of informative, useful articles, and reviews of products from doggie bowls and organic shampoos, to formal dresses and handsewn leather collars. All the products are reviewed by the adorable pug Merry, modeling above, and her mom.

Cute, no? Even if you don’t have a dog or aren’t interested in dressing it up, this site is still lots of fun to go browse.



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13 07 2008

Such a cute puppy!

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